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MS Excel Skill - Exceeds the Value of MBA!!!

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MS Excel Skill - Exceeds the Value of MBA!!!

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Data Representation

Unless the data is represented in a structured manner, it is of no use to anyone. Excel is a powerful tool to clearly represent the data to make meaning out of it. It not only starts with the basic math functions like Sum, Product, Min, Max, Count, and Average but also extends to chart based data, table based data, linked tables, multi dimensional data, etc.,

Data representation is an important task for the MBA Graduates for carrying out various business operations.

Additional Data Representation methods are to sort and filter – basic and customized and also different types of Conditional Formatting – Highlight rules, Top/Bottom rules, Data bars, Icon sets, Color Scales.

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Data Analysis


Data Visualization

Pivot table help the MBA Graduates to better visualize Data and present it. Pivot tables are one of Excel's most powerful features. A pivot table allows you to extract the significance from a large, detailed data set. Many Excel experts believe that pivot tables are the single most powerful tool in Excel. According to Bill Helen (a.k.a. Mr. Excel) “No other tool in Excel gives you the flexibility and analytic power of a pivot table”. By using Pivot table the user can count, present percentage, filter the data, rename fields, automatically format values etc. This is one best tool for every MBA Graduates and must learn and master by using Pivot.
Yes, it is much more powerful for MBA Graduates - create graph and chart, import data from the web, data converter, data analysis and visualization tools, and a host of other purposes to support financial decision and business transaction for end users and business professionals.



Undoubtedly, every MBA student must have complete mastery over Excel to excel in management career. Excel is perhaps the most important computer software program used in the workplace today. That's why so many workers and prospective employees (MBA Graduates) are mandated to learn to excel in order to enter or remain in the workplace.

Microsoft Excel is highly customizable to perform a wide array of functions essential to the business. Many companies have made it mandatory for employees to undergo Excel training as a way to keep up with technology and increasingly demanding business world. MS Excel Mastery will certianly give MBA Graduates a competitive edge in their career.

MBA Graduates…. Learn excel, it will make you excel in your life!!!! 

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